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General conditions apply to visits to and the use of this website and other services we provide. Read the general conditions carefully before visiting the website and/or using our services. If there are any points in our general conditions that you are unable to accept or if you have difficulty reading these general conditions, discontinue your visit to this website immediately. This or future visits to this website and/or the use of our services implies that you fully and unreservedly accept these general conditions. These general conditions are also available in Dutch. In the event of any departure from the Dutch general conditions, the Dutch general conditions shall prevail.

Article 1: Definitions

1.1. Joy Planet, Amberberg 1 in Roosendaal, The Netherlands,, registrated at the Chambre of Commerce number 2010 3647, hereinafter deemed to be the operator, owner and manager thereof, hereinafter also referred to as "Joy Planet".

1.2. Hyperlink: links primarily intended for presentation to a human user.

1.3. Website: a medium for presenting information via the Internet.

1.4. User: the individual/person visiting this website and/or using the services or products provided by Joy Planet.

1.5. Member database: that part of the website that the user may use in return for payment and possibly by logging in. This part is screened off from visits by the public and intended for paying users or users specifically designated by Joy Planet.

1.6. Performer: a human user who, possibly directed by the user, performs actions before the camera and, using a computer and an Internet connection, for example, displays the images via the website.

1.7. Content: the actual content of a website; the content comprises amongst other things, but not exclusively films, photographs, texts and performer images.

1.8. Logging: the digital storage of data on incidents or events that have taken place on the website or member database(s).

Article 2: Scope and nature of conditions

These general conditions apply between Joy Planet and the user. These general conditions apply to the use of a website or service of Joy Planet. Sequence of validity: these general conditions. Moreover, the law or European regulations apply, insofar as they have not yet been incorporated into local legislation. In the event of any provisions of these conditions possibly being void or voidable, the other provisions shall remain in force and the provision concerned shall be converted into a valid provision that reflects the original intention as closely as possible.

Article 3: Content and use of the website

This website is intended to support the use of and payment for services provided via this website. Use of the website and services provided via the website is open to anyone aged at least 18. If you are not yet 18 years old, object to the content of this website and/or if the user of the website or services provided is in a geographical area where access to the website or use of the services provided is prohibited, discontinue the visit to this website immediately. The user may create an account by completing the registration process. When completing the registration process, users must provide up-to-date and complete information on themselves. The user is not entitled to create an account for other parties, transfer an account and/or permit others to use the account. If the data on the user are for any reason no longer correct or complete, the user must amend the data to bring them up to date again. If the user provides inaccurate or incomplete personal information and if Joy Planet establishes that the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete, Joy Planet may terminate or suspend the account. Users are responsible for keeping their user name and password secret. The user is solely liable for any use of the account made by third parties, regardless of the way in which they gained access to the account. In the event of suspected misuse of the account, the user shall immediately notify Joy Planet. Joy Planet can never be held liable for the account's use or improper use. Gaining unauthorised access to this website and/or the member database is a punishable offence. Joy Planet shall immediately report any suspected misuse.

Article 4: Liability

Joy Planet shall do its utmost to ensure that the website is continuously available and shall secure it with all reasonable means. The user shall not be able to hold Joy Planet liable in any manner for inconvenience caused by work, problems, interventions, changes or limitations in functionality or for other matters that affect the availability of the website or other services of Joy Planet.

Article 5: Content

Joy Planet is entirely responsible for all the content published on the website, with the exception of the performer images. The performer is independent and uses the website to deliver services to users of the website. Performers determine for themselves the composition of the services they deliver, provided the services delivered are not in breach of Dutch legislation and the legislation of the country from which the performer delivers services. If the services delivered are in breach of the legislation of the geographical area in which the user is located, the user must discontinue the services immediately. Joy Planet is not responsible for actions performed by performers that are in breach of the law. Joy Planet does not have the means to permanently monitor the services delivered by the performer. The user shall notify Joy Planet immediately in the event of a suspected breach of the law by a performer. Joy Planet shall then do everything within its power to prevent any repetition and, if necessary, to remove the content concerned from the website. Joy Planet uses third-party websites, amongst other means, in return for payment or otherwise, to direct visitors to its website. This also means that third parties who are responsible for placing these hyperlinks are liable for the content of the website and the way in which the third party concerned directs the user to the website by means of hyperlinks.

Article 6: Privacy, personal data and monitoring of use

Joy Planet pays the greatest attention to protecting the personal data of the website's users. For additional information, please read the privacy statement on this website. While visiting the website and/or using the services, information on the user is logged. This information is necessary for the website to work properly and for optimising/improving the website and/or for other services of Joy Planet. This information can also be used for tracing errors and/or breaches of these general conditions, statutory provisions or for other matters that Joy Planet deems necessary. Joy Planet pays the greatest attention to protecting this information and shall never share it with third parties. In the event of a breach of the provisions of these general conditions, actions that are in breach of the law and/or in the case of fraud, the account shall be blocked immediately, without notice, and membership shall be terminated with immediate effect. In this case, the purchased balance shall cease to apply immediately and irrevocably. The costs associated with tracing the misuse or fraud shall be recovered from the user. This shall not affect the right of Joy Planet to recover from the user any losses suffered and any judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred.

Article 7: Handling complaints

Joy Planet shall deal seriously with all complaints concerning the website's use or quality or complaints of any other description. The user must send written notice of the complaint to Joy Planet by e-mail. Joy Planet shall endeavour to settle the complaint within 10 working days. Joy Planet shall notify the customer about this by e-mail.

Article 8: Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights and similar rights to all the services, products and information provided on the website shall belong exclusively to Joy Planet or its licensors. Nothing on this website may be reproduced without the written consent of Joy Planet. The intellectual property rights to all the texts, images, sounds and software on this website belong to Joy Planet or its licensors. Insofar as performers send texts, images, sounds and/or software to Joy Planet or leave them on the website, users shall transfer all intellectual property rights thereto to Joy Planet and therefore indemnify Joy Planet against claims brought by third parties. Joy Planet shall therefore be entitled, amongst other things, to exploit these contributions commercially. In the event of being informed of (allegedly) infringing material or (allegedly) infringing links to the website, Joy Planet shall be entitled but not obliged to remove the content or the links immediately.

Article 9: Price changes and amendments to the general conditions

Joy Planet shall be entitled to change the services and prices published on its website at any time and thereby to amend, adjust or supplement the provisions of these general conditions. It is your personal responsibility to regularly read these general conditions. By continuing to use the website after the commencement date of the changes, you indicate that you approve the change(s) and accept them. Joy Planet rejects any form of liability for possible harmful consequences that could arise from changes made to the content of the website or the general conditions.

Article 10: Disputes and Dutch law

The use of this website is subject to these general conditions. Dutch law applies to these general conditions. All disputes concerning these general conditions shall be subject to the judgement of the court with jurisdiction in the Netherlands, Breda.

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